The Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining us!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


WE Are ALL Billies came about as the result of a group of online Internet bullies who singled-out a woman on the Facebook and MeWe social networks and doxxed her and harassed her mercilessly, and for no good reason. These nefarious, malevolent bigots are full-grown adults behaving as children.

Their actions are beyond what most Americans would consider decent conduct for an adult, and they have violated numerous state and federal laws in doing so.

To date, no one in law enforcement has done anything to prosecute these lowlife scum, and Admins on both Facebook and MeWe have refused to do anything about them.

It is in this light that we intend to do everything in our power to expose everything about them, including links to doxx posts one of the enemies they have created has posted on 8channel.

If this isn’t sufficient to do the legwork for law enforcement to do their jobs, then perhaps some vigilant individuals will do their work for them? This isn’t about revenge, it is a reckoning. Perhaps a little “Frontier Justice” needs to come into play?

The primary leaders of this nefarious cult-like organization are Kevin Hauser of Birmingham, Michigan, Monica Beemer of Geismar, Louisiana, and JoJo Jenkins of Australia, now known to be immigrating to Omaha, Nebraska to continue her international crime spree. We do not need her kind in this country.

Kevin Hauser, the cult leader

Monica Beemer: Follows Kevin Hauser like a puppy

Julia (Julie & other aliases) Bailey, cult leader


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