We Wonder if She’s a Woman?

If you use the MeWe Social Network, before you do anything further, you need to BLOCK the Troll Queen, JoJo Jenkins. She identifies herself with various versions of the Wonder Woman image, but we wonder if she is a woman?

Save yourself and your friends a ton of grief. Share this to your profile wall and groups after you have blocked her. This is JoJo Jenkins’ latest avatar and link to her profile image. Go to the link and BLOCK HER. https://mewe.com/profile/5ab6391ea40f301633f8c75f

(She only wishes she looked this hot.)

She is actually obese and ugly, but is so jealous of the women who are not that she does everything she can to get their profiles banned from the site. She is a vile, evil witch, in the very true meaning of the word. Coming soon to Omaha, Nebraska! Follow Rick Mackey around town and you’ll see what she really looks like.


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