Help Put This Stalker Where He Belongs

During the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries and earlier, people who had committed crimes were placed in stocks in the town square, as depicted in the image above. It was a means to inflict embarrassment and public humiliation on the perpetrator of the crime without beating them or injuring them; although some had rotten fruit, vegetables, and livestock dung thrown at them and other things, depending on the severity of their offense. It was quite effective. There were no repeat offenders like we have today.

Unfortunately in this modern era, we have removed God & the Bible from the schools, and we have removed the Ten Commandments from all public buildings, and effectively have turned this present generation into a generation of debauchery where such punishment has been deemed “cruel and unusual.” It worked then, and it still works now, in the form of doxxing the perpetrators and putting them up for public shaming, ridicule, and embarrassment. 

You’ll have to excuse me for my lack of compassion for the guilty parties. They have done their misdeeds and the impotent laws and the resulting lack of morality justify it.

“But wait!” you say, “some people have been so embarrassed they have committed suicide.”

Well, excuse me, but if they had been raised with any sense of morality they wouldn’t have put themselves in this position, so they can explain that to their maker on Judgement Day.

We now arrive at the subject of this thesis: A man in Louisiana has been stalking women on the Internet and law enforcement has done nothing about it. This man is a sexual predator and needs to be put down and removed from society like the dog he is.

I’m not suggesting anyone do him physical harm, but what I am suggesting is that he be shamed publicly for his actions, and be made a public mockery for his misdeeds.

This cretin has been stalking a friend of mine from Facebook to other social media, and he is still at large. 

The beauty of it is that some well-meaning individual took it upon themselves to doxx this jerk on the Dark Web.

Let true justice prevail, and let the chips fall where they will. Below you will find everything your ever wanted to know about this predator but were afraid to ask:

Help put this lowlife where he belongs. If you know him, let him know his personal information has been published on 8channel.


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