MeWe Troll Alert: Helping You Stay Safe on MeWe

We have identified a couple of trolls on MeWe who are members of Kevin Hauser’s nefarious group of un-American phony patriots. We tried to re-size the list to post on MeWe, but it doesn’t work to the point the screenshot is viewable there. It does however, work here.

Resized Block List

Here is a screenshot of Clint Counts’ contact list. If you have any friends on this list, you need to inform them that unless they block this jerk, you will remove them from your friends list and block them as well. I would suggest everybody here go to Clint Counts’ profile and look over his contacts list. If you’re on his contacts, block everybody else on his contacts list and remove yourself from his friends list ASAP. He is a mole for Kevin Hauser.

The same can be said for David Morse. David Morse is another one of Kevin Hauser’s buddies. He has several of Kevin’s profiles in his contact list. Click on the link to his profile below and BLOCK HIM.

To enlarge the screenshot below if you are using a PC, click on it to blow it up to legible size.

These Admin lists from the troll groups below shows several of the people who are friends of these two. K Lovejoy and Kevin H are both Kevin Hauser profiles, although he has several others, including multiple Lone Ranger profiles, loki legion, and another Kevin H profile.

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