What’s in a Name, “We Are ALL Billies” and Why?

Here’s what’s in a name, “We Are ALL Billies” and why.

Statement from Billie Willits:

“A guy by the name of Bud Lee (actually Rick Mackey) came along…

Rick Mackey, cheater, deadbeat Dad

JoJo (Jenkins) liked him straight away.  He said he was from Nebraska; I messaged him asking him where?  We are from the same town.  He said he’s separated because his wife hired a private investigator to hack his Facebook messenger account. 

Come to find out, that PI is my best friend.  I told him I know who she is.  After I said that, he started getting really bitchy towards me, same with Jojo and Julia.  I told my friend what was going on, she told Ricks wife.  She asked me to keep an eye on him, I did. 

I vented to Julia about Rick Mackey being a cheater hubby and JoJo deserved better.  I sent Julia pics of Rick that I got from my friend to show them he’s a scrawny little man.  Julia told Rick and JoJo. 

They shit that I knew Ricks wife indirectly, was asked by HER to keep an eye on him.  They freaked out and that’s when the shit hit the fan!

My pic was blasted all over the place as it is being done now.  I never posted ANYTHING about those fuckers, nor did I doxx Ricks wife, call her at work and tell her about his affair.  I’ve never spoken to her in my life. 

My best friend told her. You saw a pic of the dude.  Fucking vomit!  JoJo Jenkins is so desperate she’ll fuck anything that pays attention to her.  Rick is a liar and a cheater!  He’s a dead beat dad of 9 kids.  His wife left him before I ever spoke with him, so he fucked-up his own life! He was trying to work it out with his wife before he met JoJo.  Skank whore didn’t care.  Well, he’s a cheater so neither did he.”

This is why & where the personal attacks and doxxing by Kevin Hauser’s klan began. It mushroomed to include anyone of Billie Willets’ friends who supported her. They couldn’t get their attacks to stick, so they resorted to name-calling and phony personal attacks claiming she was a member of Rose City Antifa. For those unaware of where Rose City Antifa is located, they are in Portland, Oregon; 1,656 miles away from Omaha, Nebraska. 

This is nothing new except an extension of Kevin Hauser’s already mindless rants that accuse anyone who doesn’t agree with him as being a leftist or Antifa member. The man (and I use the term loosely here because he is a male with no guts, no morals and no character), is a sociopath as well as a psychopath by definition. 

He is only bolstered by a JoJo Jenkins from Australia (who may now be in Omaha, according to a post from her profile page on MeWe) who is a sociopath as well.

We have been following the online doxxes of this nefarious group of un-American bigots on 8channel by someone who obviously has become so fed-up with the group they don’t care who gets their personal information. Quite frankly, we don’t care anymore either.

We’ve published screenshots of their activities and links to the 8channel doxxes hoping to make people aware of the friends they hang around with. A couple of them have objected to being called trolls and having these screenshots including them on these trolls’ friends lists.

Here’s the deal: You need to start hanging out with a better class of people, because these people are losers. Choose your friends with care, especially online. You become what your friends ARE, so if they are lowlifes, it is guilt by association. If you don’t like your name being posted on your lowlife friends’ screenshots, you need to be more particular about who you associate with.

You show your own lack of character by being associated with these people, so if you don’t want your names showing-up on a doxx list, you need to start hanging out with a better class of losers. Lose the losers and start paying more attention to what your friends stand for, or you’ll be caught-up in their misdeeds as well.

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