Know Your Parasites: Fletcher Lloyd Bass Edition

Speaking of learning disabilities, it seems that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Fletcher Lloyd Bass is just one such case in point. Earlier today, he called a man a troll on a conservative group on MeWe, thereby outing himself as another of Kevtard Hauser’s weak-minded friends who believe anything they are told.

It just so happens that the man he was harassing is a former law enforcement officer, as well as a former Social Networking Director for a distinguished retired U.S. Army Major General who was President Trump’s choice for VP back in 2012 when he first threw his hat into the ring. This goes to show you the lunacy of Kevin Hauser and his group of misfits. According to Hauser’s misfits, the man is a leftist Antifa member. This further shows how unhinged the group members really are. because that individual owned one of the largest pro-Trump pages on Facebook before Facebook deleted that page and banned him for being a “right wing extremist.”

It would seem that liberalism being a mental illness is not strictly limited to liberals. There is also a group of would-be conservatives with the same illness; otherwise they wouldn’t be following this cretin named Kevin Hauser.

The man they are constantly harassing is one of the most conservative people I’ve ever known, and one of President Trump’s biggest publicists.

Interestingly enough, the same person who was harassing him today just got doxxed on 8chan. His name is Fletcher Lloyd Bass, from Plano, Texas.

We find it hilarious the company Kevin keeps, all the while claiming to be a law-abiding American patriot on the outside while plotting to kill Americans and burn farmers’ fields on his troll groups. Fletcher Bass is a convicted felon, a drug trafficker with a lengthy criminal history, and he is one of Kevin Hauser’s pals.

If you’re still curious, click on Fletcher Bass’s MeWe profile link below, and if you’re a member of MeWe, it would be wise to block him as well:

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