Know Your Parasites: Know Your Antifa & BAMN Trolls

Know Your Parasites: Know Your Antifa & BAMN Trolls

BAMN works in conjunction with ANTIFA.

BAMN is a militant American left-wing group that organizes protests & litigation to achieve its aims By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

Many MeWe groups are now inundated with these trolls & their toxic bile.

Their MO is stop any constructive conversations, lie about their political affiliation, get close to group owners & gain admin or ownership of Conservative groups on the MeWe social network.

Their aim is to take over as many Conservative groups as they can then attempt to steal group members lists in order to hack or doxx them. Using fake or cloned profiles they are known for asking for images & stalking you back to Facebook & Twitter to get more information to blackmail you into political silence!

They pose as Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians or whatever suits their target to befriend you & get their blackmail information.

They also want to make those political groups look like they’re full of crazy trolls to turn good people off the groups & to try to paint us all with their demented brush & make us all appear unhinged.


They have copied this list & changed it, adding genuine Patriots names to it and calling us “Antifa”.

They always try to turn their lies around in a lame attempt to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. This is a narcissistic tactic we have all seen used many times over, and it was first used by none other than Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels.

The main player trolls are:

JoJo Jenkins who is purportedly from Australia, but may now live in the Omaha, Nebraska area; was having an online affair with a married man who has 9 children and is a deadbeat father who does not pay child support. His name is Rick Mackey of Omaha, Nebraska, he is now divorced. Billie is besties with his former wife’s bestie and told Julie B. that he wasn’t single, who then told JoJo. JoJo got mad at Billie and made up some lies about her. Rick attacked Billie and her family viciously.

Kevin Ray Hauser of Birmingham, MI is a fascist liar who wants to “Kill 30% of the population of the USA”. He has multiple profiles including Kevin H., K Lovejoy, Loki Legion, and Troll Assassin, John Q. Public, and Lone Ranger to name a few.

Monica Beemer of Geismar, LA is a troll with numerous profiles that she uses to stalk and report profiles over and over again until they are gone. The ones we have found so far: Bella Rizzottu, B J,BJ, Boss Lady, Greeneyes Girlus, Greenie Baby, I am, Lady Clair, Michelle Taylor, Monica Beemer, Queen B, Queen Bee, Rose Lacour, Shoe Lacey, Tammi Kelley, Trump Girl, We are Kevin H, We are Greeneyes, We are Monica Beemer, and others.

The opposite is true & their claim to want to protect women from being bullied is blown away as they openly troll & stalk women.

They are very easy to spot as they can be found trolling MeWe 24/7.

Some are being paid & the others have no lives.

Other members of their troll posse are listed in alphabetical order:

.Bob Heinzl

.Bob Miller

.Brewster Strange

.Dennis Kitainik

.Dennis Ramsey

.Douglas D (Rockford)

.Fletcher Bass

.HRH Richard the Lionheart

.Jacqlyn Randich

.Julia Anne Bailey

.Julie B

.Justin Her

.Ken “Butterdick” Hill

.Kimberly Ward

.Linda Jane OConnor

.Michael Mullin

.Pino Bombino

.Rickey Jar Head

.Rick Mackey

.Susan Carey

.Todd Keith Wallace

Trolls, just like the cockroaches they are; thrive in darkness. The way to beat them is to shine a bright light on them and watch them scatter!

We need to flush out the trolls on MeWe & keep it a safe platform for genuine members to enjoy so…. here’s what you can do:

Copy & paste this list & post it on your profile page to help other members know who they are. Screenshot & report them if they violate MeWe Terms of Service which includes cloning profiles, bullying, harassing, or threatening members in any way.

If you don’t wish to report them yourself please send your information to anyone on their phony “Antifa” list. They are all Patriots. That is why they oppose them.

Block them. Trolls crave attention. GIVE THEM NONE.

JOIN US. Help us to cleanse MeWe of the trolls that seek to undermine this otherwise excellent platform. CONTACT US for more information if you realize the importance of this & want to help keep MeWe safe for all genuine members and genuine American patriots.


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