Know Your MeWe Parasites: Amy Hebert

Know Your MeWe Parasites: Amy Hebert

Beware of Amy Hebert: Internet hooker, prostitute, whore.

Men, Beware of this troll. She’s been working the MeWe social network and has  been hitting on me. Now she’s asking for money. I found a watermark on one of her photos & it comes from a porn site. Sexy as can be, but she’s a gold digging whore.

As if all the other trolls we find on MeWe weren’t bad enough, now we have a troll who is stalking older men seeking to relieve them of their hard-earned wages using her big boobs and sexy appearance.

Further investigation has revealed she is doing it elsewhere on other social media as well, including Facebook. She? may not even be a female, but a male Nigerian scammer, judging by her vernacular of the English language and poor grammar which would be indicative of her inability to be accepted by any college, let alone be a student in any college or university. An associate of mine also said this individual has been proven to be using this scam to fund ISIS in the United States. May the Religion of Pieces be upon her head!

Her profile reveals the following information:

Amy Hebert
Bakersfield, California
College: Stockdale, College
Originally said she was from Texas, but later said she was attending college in California.
MeWe profile link:

Once she thought she had me on the hook, she created a separate profile just to talk to me.

Below is the text of our final conversation:

I need to do some practice on my own tonight or tomorrow morning before the Examination, but i need to download some stuff from Itunes that i need, but i can’t because i don’t have a gift card for it to download from itunes. Oh alright, i just don’t know how to get the cards, if i fail this exam then it’s all my fault, i need to download a whole lot of stuffs and i really do need the card if i got it my head will be ok and i’ll be able to sleep tonight.

My reply to her: I’ve never used Itunes so I’m not much help there. Itunes doesn’t work on Android so not much help I can do from this end.

I think you can get it from the store for me on your way back from work, i don’t need so much of it, do you drive yourself?

Did you leave me hanging again?

My Reply: Sorry, but I drive for a living. Can’t be online while I’m driving

Oh, alright babe.

Are you going to see about the card on your way back from work in the morning so i can prepare for my practice in the morning before school exams.

My reply: If I can find anything open then.

Alright, i’ll sure be expecting, i only need 2 of the cards and $100 on each.

This is the sample of the last card i got so you understand better, i need 2 different cards and 2 different receipts ok.

She sent me a screenshot of 2 Walgreens receipts from a store in Indiana. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to download them on my Android and they disappeared by the time I got back home on my PC.

This pretty much proves she is scamming men all over the country. How else could she be living in Bakersfield, California and bought a couple of ITunes gift cards in Indiana?

One thought on “Know Your MeWe Parasites: Amy Hebert

  1. Joseph Matteo

    lol they think there so smart i had one and kept promising her or it i was going to send money to them i even got a burner phone so it could txt me any time the scammer took the bait i finally told it i would send $500. so she cold come to America apparently it was in Nigeria lol.So i sent it $500.00 from an old monopoly game wold love to seen it’s face when it opened the envelope lol!


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