Know Your Parasites: Erin Williamson, aka; Lady Seyda

One of the worst trolls on the internet finally met her match today when she dared another hacker to doxx her. Obviously, she thought she was immune from anyone finding her personal information, but what she had not bargained for is the fact that a number of her former friends ratted her out.

The culprit’s name is Erin C. Williamson and she goes by multiple aliases across the internet, such as Lady Seyda, Erin Le Valiant, and others.

We find it interesting that the doxx that was posted on 8channel states that Ms. Williamson has a degree in Criminalistics and Criminal Science obtained from Rhode Island College. The doxx goes on to say,

“Isn’t it interesting her field of studies? It should pre-qualify her for a special cell at Club Fed once she is convicted of all of her nefarious criminal activities on the Internet.”

According to the doxx, she is 33 years old and still living in her parents’ basement.

We don’t want to spoil the details for you, so you can read the doxx on the /doxdoxgo/ board on 8channel.

You can also find her profile on MeWe by clicking on the link below:

We have included some of the images associated with her various internet profiles below for your entertainment:

Below is the avatar she uses on her MeWe profile.

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