Infidels With Attitude: Homegrown Terrorist Group on MeWe

Infidels With Attitude – Is a homegrown terrorist group on MeWe. It was started and is owned by a JoJo Jenkins, originally from Australia but now residing in Omaha, Nebraska. She is shacked-up with Rick Mackey, a painter. The group is a part of the now infamous Kevin Hauser Klan, a group of nefarious and malicious would-be “patriots” whose leader has an IQ somewhere less than 85. Hauser resides in or near Birmingham, Michigan.  The link below is to one of JoJo Jenkins 2 known MeWe profiles:

The link below is to Rick Mackey’s profile. He goes by “Blu Bawlz” on MeWe.
GM Max Ferb KT Ferb is from Australia. He is the one in the screenshots below teaching members how to make bombs and assorted other improvised explosive devices. The link below is to his MeWe profile.
The Screenshots below are from this group:

Multiple concerned MeWe members have tried to alert MeWe Admins to the threat, but our emails have had no effect. We have also tried to alert multiple MeWe group owners to the threat these people bring not only to MeWe, but to national security and most of those group owners have ignored us. Unfortunately for them it has resulted in 3 of their groups being banned and deleted in as many days; but MeWe Admin has still done nothing to block these malicious people. 

Too bad for them, because they will now face the scrutiny of the United States Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. This information has been sent to the FBI and several other alphabet agencies. It will now suck to be the owners of MeWe. 

Too bad, so sad. We tried to alert you and you ignored us, now you get to pay the Piper.

Screenshot of JoJo Jenkins latest profile on MeWe:

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