Billie Willets, You’re So Vain. You Think This Site is Only About YOU, You’re So Vain!

Billie Willets, you’re so vain. You think this site is only about YOU, you’re so vain!

You were the catalyst for creating this website but it is not just about YOU! It’s about everybody else who has been victimized by these internet bullies and thugs and you’re just a cog in the wheel.

I’ve had my fill of Paige Taylor, aka; Billie Willits. I got the following messages from her. (condensed). I’ve done everything in my power to end this crap and this is the gratitude I get. Just as soon as I know she has gotten my message, I am blocking her on all of my profiles.

“Why did you threaten Rick Mackey with the police? This is YOUR deal, not mine.”

“Do you enjoy seeing them eat me alive for your posts, Website and group? I’m not involved in that. Why are you doing this to me?”

“I’ve never called you out. Why won’t you stand up and take responsibility for your group and website? It’s not mine!”

“You say you care about my well being? How? You are using my Billie name for your doxxing pleasure. Come clean to everyone, please!”

My response to her is below:

This website is about more than just you. It doesn’t read “We Are Billie Willits,” it reads WE Are ALL Billies, which is to say, we have all been victimized by these thugs. 

I didn’t threaten Rick Mackey with the police. No threat about it, he has been reported to law enforcement. It is a reality.

It’s not a threat, it is reporting a thug.

You call posting links to profiles doxxing? So be it. Apparently you think that by appeasing these thugs they are going to go away? Give me a break. Appeasement never works, so don’t ask me to do so.

The cops know about Rick Mackey & Jo Jo Jenkins now, and they know about Kevin Hauser as well. Nothing you have done has made a difference so far.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said: 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Silence is consent, if you hadn’t figured that out yet. I refuse to remain silent in the face of tyranny.

You also need to get used to the idea they don’t have Vaseline or K-Y Jelly in prison. Your new boyfriends will be going in dry. Trust me, I was a prison guard once upon a time.

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